Why I Started POINT


I have always had a dream of helping.  I did not want to open a soup kitchen or any other place that gave handouts. The logic is, if I feed you soup, then I would have to feed your kids soup.  Instead I want to gave people the opportunity to be self-sufficient and change their lives, so they can secure a better quality of life, for their future and their families. This self-sufficient independence will eventually change the culture and the community. That is where the idea for the Detroit business incubator ***POINT ***came from. 

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Don't ask what everybody else is doing,

if something needs to be done,

somebody needs to be helped

you get up and you do it yourself!!!

                                             Keshia M. Thomas

Sometimes you need to get on POINT

Purpose, Opportunity, Independence, New, Thinking


When people give up in life, they often ask, "What is the point"?  Sometimes we reach a breaking point and need a new Point of view. Everyone has a Purpose. And when given the right Opportunity, they can become Independent and have a new way of Thinking.

We are here to give people a new starting point. No one is past the point of no return when they find their purpose. That is why we are different. POINT will be a Detroit Business incubator where we will give people opportunities and resources (mentor-ship, education, physical building, access to internet, office administration, accountants, lawyers), whatever it takes for people to fulfill their dreams and become independent.

By building the individual, up they come to a new way of thinking. That new thinking not only affects them, but it also has an impact of their family and community, breaking the chains of poverty and violence.

Let me get to the point.

Get on point and help point people in the right direction.

People want to become independent and live a purposeful life, and with your help we can create opportunities and inspire a new way of thinking.