keshia-thomasblackstopKeshia Thomas is an African-American woman known for a 1996 event where she was photographed protecting a man believed to have been a Ku Klux Klan supporter.[1] The resulting photograph, which was taken by Mark Brunner, has been considered to be iconic in nature and was named one of Life magazine's "Pictures of the Year" for 1996.[2]

It was an act of extraordinary courage and kindness - and is still inspiring people today. BBC

"Keshia's choice was human, Keshia's choice was hope" Pulitzer Prize  winner Leonard Pitts


headshotblackToday, Keshia is a renowned public speaker, humanitarian, and International social Justice activist . In the past 365 days she has marched 46 days 1002 miles for justice with the NAACP. She has been on the forefront and speaking out against police brutality. Speaking out in Texas for Sandra Bland, Ohio for Tamir Rice, Baltimore for Freddie Gray, and other places throughout the country.  She has been a peacekeeper at the Baltimore uprising, She has volunteered her time being a linguistic manager on a humanitarian trip to Haiti where the community of Chantal  received much need medical treatment.  She works one on one with domestic violence victimizes and women who are homeless.


I have traveled all over fighting for justice from the system but their is another part that we do not talk about. We do not hold the same standards for violence within our community as we do from the police and the system. Justice and peace are accountable for everyone. When you look at a community that is infested with gang violence, prostitution, and hard core drug abuse your looking at a community that has lost hope and continues to live in a cycle of violence and they have accepted this violece as a part of their reality. I can never accept violence and do not believe that it is the standard. I believe that we can brake the chains of hopeless with Purpose.  Everybody has a Purpose in life and with the right Opportunity they can become Independent and have a new way of thinking. Point will help young people find their purpose in life before the prisons and the systems takes hold. Before it has settle in to their mind that they have to accept living this way. I beleive that POINT will be a model and a tool that will be used all over the world in violent communities to break the cycle of violence.

Today is our day to make a difference

Number of planets we call home
Number of Lives we get to live
Number of hours in a day
Number of people we can impact

Forward together, not one step back!