My worst interview with a Jewish Trump voter!

jesw for trumpMost people know me for being kind and having a way of bringing people together. I am proud of the legacy that I have created. But there is a time for being kind and a time for holding people to the fire. In the time of trump, I demanded answers. This is a podcast interview from two Jewish men. One voted for trump and the other is a self-proclaimed anarchist.

One of the creators of this podcast reached out to me to interview me about race relations and how to make "America great again". As you will hear in the interview I told him if that was his objective then he should have never voted for trump. When they cast their ballot for a man like that they cannot possibly want people to come together.

I was told by the podcast interviewer that this interview would hurt my "image" because they say that I come off as angry. You know what, I am angry and I have ever right to be. I am Keshia Thomas and I am an activist. I use my life to ease the suffering of others and electing trump made my life's work so much harder.

I am not going to apologize for this interview and I am not going to hide it. There are times when I misspoke and said things like "we are all racist" what I meant was we are all prejudice. (black people cannot be racist, I will follow up with an explanation so everyone can understand.)

People who voted for Trump are on the wrong side of history. This is not the America I know. We have allowed a con-man to bring out the worst in people and the more that people see this man as a con the sooner we can get back to healing this country.

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