The Monsters that keep me up at night!!!

You can feel it in the air, an uneasiness of our future. People have buyers remorse and want to take it back to the store ,but all sales are final.  It would be easy to just to shove what we brought into a closet or under a bed, out of sight and out of mind but unfortunately that's not possible. What we brought to our homes, follows us into every aspect of our lives, our jobs, schools, religions, Dr.offices and even lies down with us with our lovers at night.

What started out as one monster, (Donal Trump), has now multiplied to Mike Pence, Jeff Sessions etc. Let me unpack this for people Net Neutrality approval, continuation of fracking, killing of the Dream Act, extend police, defunding health care programs etc.

These are the monsters that keep me up at night. I hear stories of kids wanting to drop out of school because they feel they will be deported anyway. I tell them to "stay and fight until the bitter end nothing is certain yet". It is easier to fight for kids that are going to college that are rooted into our society and doing something productive.

I have been to Baltimore and back and witness our broken justice system. I have seen people looked away without due process. I have witness police killings and a justice system that refuses to prosecute them. Children are locked up with adults and being raped and passed along, yes these monsters follow us.

The leader of the monsters has made a name for himself by insulting the disabled, desecrating religious freedom, wanting to punish women who have to make a tough choice, commanding  his base to evoke violence and offering to pay their legal fees. In return for blind following of this monster, he offers us the promise of wealth and prosperity, the only thing you have to do is sell your soul and sign on the dotted line.

It has only been one week and I have had enough of these monster.  It is time to SLAY the monsters ideology's that do not line up with the principals of humanity. Resist the temptation to look away, as other are being registered, bullied and belittled. Time to stand up and show the world that good will always beat evil and be the example for future generation on how we treat one another.

I know as long at that monster and his ideologies sleep in the white house, there will be little sleep in my house. That's OK, I am not alone, we don't wear those safety pins as fashion accessories to us they are action accessories. We are the hero's standing up agonist bigotry at coffee house, we are the ones passing on information about legislation, writing emails, organizing our communities we are the mules of the movement taming the monsters by any non-violent means necessary. Now eat your Wheaties, try to get some sleep because we have a lot of work to do.