The 4th of July!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!

America has a bloody history and a savage past. Even though America got it's independence from Great Britain in 1776, African Americans were not freed until 1863 and Texas did not free the slaves until 2 and a half years later. That is why In the African American community we celebrate Juneteenth as our Independence Day from Slavery. (please research and come and celebrate with us because it is not only African American History it is American History.)
My favorite founding father is Benjamin Franklin. Not only did he sign the declaration of independence, The Treaty of Alliance with France and the Constitution of the United states, he was also the President of America's first antislavery society and his last act in congress was to sign an appeal calling for abolition.
The first person to die for the Independence of the United States was a black and Native American man named Crispus Attucks. We cannot do anything about the past, all of the slave masters and slaves are dead. We are the descendants and we decide how the future of our country will be. The America that we have today is woven with a beautiful fabric of every culture not just black and white. We are and can shape the future for the better. We must go forward with Justice and love for one another. "Forward together, not one step back"


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